Compassion. Confidentiality. Caring.

Those are the words Logan Woodbridge uses to describe the staff at empac

Empac is really good about just making you feel safe and making you feel like an actual friend who listens to you, and they actually care about what is going on in your personal life,” says Logan. 

When serving at INTRUST Bank, Logan worked as empac’s account manager. He was impressed with their desire to help people. With the challenges and stress of COVID-19, empac has been an even more invaluable partner, and knowing that empac is available to help INTRUST Bank employees with their wellness, happiness, and productivity is reassuring. 

I have used empac in the past,” Logan says. “It was really easy to make an appointment with a simple phone call. The appointment could be set up by Zoom or, if I wanted to, come in person – whatever was easiest for me.”

“Obviously, with COVID, there’s been a lot of different stressful situations — in our personal and work life,” he said. Their confidentiality is impressive, and I wish more people knew that empac serves businesses.

As a local employee assistance program, we work to make employees feel comfortable when utilizing our coaching, counseling, training, and critical incident stress debriefing services.

Our employer-sponsored services are designed for personal or family issues, including mental health, substance abuse, marital problems, parenting challenges, emotional issues as well as financial and legal concerns. 

Logan says accessing the program doesn’t feel like you’re paying for therapy but more like leaning on a friend. 

“It’s a great organization with great people,” he said.