By Chelsie Batterman, MS

After the close of another year, the time for greater groundedness and more authenticity is now. A new year is a new beginning, the first entry on the page in the next chapter of our lives. If we connected more truly and harmoniously with ourselves in 2024, what would that authenticity look like?

The ongoing adventure toward authenticity involves a shift away from doing an orientation toward being more of who we already are. Being more authentic means, we prioritize self-revelation over resolution. Growing closer to our authentic selves is worth the effort. Psychological research even suggests that recovering and realigning with our values, strengths, talents, and passions may deter feelings of loneliness.

The more we encounter our truest selves as well as our capabilities, the more clarity we reclaim about our authentic destiny. The pursuit of authenticity is also a quest to fulfill our maximum potential. The manifestation of potential requires authoring our lives according to our strengths. Identifying the strongest version of the self means we must first confront reality without bias. We accomplish this by:   

  1. Assuming responsibility for the past while avoiding over-preoccupation with our shortcomings and  
  2. Learning from experience enhances our sense of directional certainty and fervor for the future.  

Each time we explore this process, we become more capable of managing the inescapable plot twists that will inevitably threaten to separate us from our true selves.    

The confidence we gain through uncovering greater self-knowledge and self-ownership means we’re empowered to be ourselves more fully. When we’re profoundly self-attuned, we are living authentically.  

If our strengths serve as motivators, they are also often the script for meaning or our inner voice. If it is meaning that makes for the good life, are we on course? If we have reconciled meaning with our purpose based on our strengths, it is certain we will lead authentic lives. Our existence will reflect who we long to be and who we need to be personally and professionally. 

May our willingness for authenticity extend beyond the limits of a happy ending and toward an endless beginning.  

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