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What is EMPAC?

EMPAC is a local, non-profit employee assistance program (EAP) dedicated to providing excellent services to companies, employees and the employee family members. Our employer-sponsored services are designed for personal or family issues, including mental health, substance abuse, marital problems, parenting challenges, emotional issues as well as financial and legal concerns. We’re here to help equip and empower you to work through and overcome challenges that may affect your wellness, happiness and productivity, enhancing your life both in and out of the workplace.


We believe healthy, well-balanced people make profitable companies and strong communities.


We provide quality counseling, coaching, and training that promote success in personal and professional lives. 

Our Values


We perform exceptionally in all areas of service delivery. We will provide the best EAP services and results. 

We honor all people and create a comfortable environment. We understand that asking for help is difficult, and we do our best to eliminate the barriers that may cause hesitation of accessing services.   

We are in this together. 100%. We know time and money are valuable. EMPAC service costs are low, yet have a tremendous positive impact on employees, their families and overall engagement. This also shows an improved bottom line. 

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