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Students and trauma – how to help

School districts have resumed in-person learning and children can now enjoy being with their teachers and interacting with their classmates, rather than navigating their way through remote learning or from a hybrid route. “With all these changes, it is important that parents, family members, teachers, coaches, and other mentors educate themselves,” Lea Aunins, empac Account Manager shares. “Check in with and respond to children who have experienced an increase in stress and anxiety and possibly the absence of safety and security previously known to them.” An article written by the U.S. Department of Education, titled, “Tips for Helping Students [...]

Help Your Employees Thrive Amid the Great Resignation

The Great Resignation is continuing with no real sign of letting up. While many point to the COIVD-19 pandemic as the cause of the Great Resignation, there's plenty of evidence to suggest that this has been brewing long before the pandemic began. In 2017, former staff writer Bourree Lam wrote in the Atlantic that more and more Americans believe that hard work did not, in fact, actually pay off. That's not just a trend in America, though. The 2020 Edelman Trust Barometer shows people worldwide are starting to believe that hard work will no longer pay off for [...]

Sheriff’s Office Culture Change and Empac

It's OK to not be OK. And it's OK to ask for help. These are two messages empac emphasizes when working with Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office employees and other law enforcement officers and first responders. "Empac has started to have a cultural change in our organization," Sedgwick County Sheriff Jeff Easter says. Counseling from empac's licensed and certified staff is helping employees at the Sheriff's Office open up. "To get law enforcement to open up is very difficult," Easter said. "The therapists at empac have been able to build that trust." Sheriff's employees "have to thrive in everything they are [...]

Logan Woodbridge’s Empac story

Compassion. Confidentiality. Caring. Those are the words Logan Woodbridge uses to describe the staff at empac.  “Empac is really good about just making you feel safe and making you feel like an actual friend who listens to you, and they actually care about what is going on in your personal life,” says Logan.  When serving at INTRUST Bank, Logan worked as empac’s account manager. He was impressed with their desire to help people. With the challenges and stress of COVID-19, empac has been an even more invaluable partner, and knowing that empac is available to help INTRUST Bank employees with [...]

Fight the Turnover Tsunami and Retain Talent

Getting your employees the resources they need to be healthy and thrive is more critical now than ever. “We’re living in what they call a ‘turnover tsunami,’ and talent is one of our most precious resources,” says Bryan Herwig. In his role as Director of Organizational Development at Vortex Global, Bryan says partnering with empac has been transformational. It’s been a true blessing to have the resource available to not only the employees but also the company leaders, Bryan says.  “In my role, I’m responsible for improving productivity and developing people and the culture at Vortex,” he says, “When I [...]

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