How you can practice self-compassion

There is a story that all too often plays in your head. It plays over and over, causing you to be down, distracted, and stressed.  “I should have spoken up in that meeting.”   “I should have called her when her mom died.”   “Why did I lose my temper with my kids and husband tonight?”  “I didn’t get the report done on time, and my boss is already irritated. I probably just got myself fired. I can’t do anything right.” It may be embarrassing to admit the things we say to ourselves and say them out loud, but many of [...]

Collaboration in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

In a time where employee retention aligns with creating healthy, holistic work environments, organizations and companies are looking to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) to assist in creating a workplace where employees thrive.  Your company or organization may be working on DEIB efforts – whether you are just beginning the discussion or you have implemented your unique DEIB statement, formed a committee, and are engaged in the 5th year of your strategic plan. But if you’re like many organizations, you’re just beginning and may not understand the meaning of these words and how they relate to you, your [...]

Create More Meaningful Connections with Others

In the last few years, several factors seem to have played into our ability, or rather inability, to connect with each other in an empathetic, genuine manner. These factors include the pandemic, social injustice, as well as the political environment. In a time where everything seems to be divisive, it is so important to focus on genuinely and empathetically connecting with others. One of the simplest ways to connect with others is by asking questions that lead to discussions as opposed to one-word answers. Many of us are programmed to check in with others with a simple, “Hi! [...]

Successfully Navigate Another Season of Change

It seems that life is filled with constant changes. Are your kiddos returning to school soon or headed off to college for the first time? Did you just get married, build a house, have a baby, or start a new job? All of these things are common occurrences but can have a significant impact on our day-to-day lives. Some changes occur in our lives by choice, and we are given time to prepare, while some are imposed on us with minimal warning or control over the process. Regardless of the type of change that occurs, we will go [...]

Normalizing Men’s Mental Health

The stigma of men’s mental health When I read the first paragraph of the recent article, “A Silent Crisis - The Unpacking of Men’s Mental Health in America,” it gave me an immediate feeling of uneasiness and despair. Learning that 75% of all suicide victims in the United States are men, and the leading cause of death among men is the entanglement of depression and suicide.  Sadly, from my perspective, there has always been a stigma around mental health, especially for men. I’ve heard phrases such as, “I don’t want to be weak.” or “I’m fine.” I had a [...]

Awareness and Prevention: Sexual Assault

SEXUAL ASSAULT PREVENTION.  Three words that immediately get our attention.  But overall, not only is it hard to acknowledge the facts when it comes to sexual assault - but I think the tendency is for most of us to try and put it out of our minds entirely since it’s unpleasant to think about and often even more uncomfortable to talk about.  Statistics show us that most sexual assaults happen the first time between the ages of 11-17 years old; so in theory, our focus should really be on sexual assault prevention. As parents, teachers, caregivers, and therapists, [...]

Students and trauma – how to help

School districts have resumed in-person learning and children can now enjoy being with their teachers and interacting with their classmates, rather than navigating their way through remote learning or from a hybrid route. “With all these changes, it is important that parents, family members, teachers, coaches, and other mentors educate themselves,” Lea Aunins, empac Account Manager shares. “Check in with and respond to children who have experienced an increase in stress and anxiety and possibly the absence of safety and security previously known to them.” An article written by the U.S. Department of Education, titled, “Tips for Helping Students [...]

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