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What is EMPAC?

EMPAC is an employee assistance program for your company. EMPAC provides help to employees and their immediate family members for marital and family issues, emotional concerns, work-related issues, alcohol and drug abuse as well as financial and legal concerns.

EMPAC assesses the needs of employees or their family members, and makes an appropriate referral based on the assessment. Some employees are eligible for what is called short-term counseling. This benefit will give employee households sessions with an EMPAC counselor free of charge.

Who knows if I come to EMPAC?

EMPAC is confidential. Your employer will not know that you utilized our services unless your written consent has been obtained. Applicable state and federal laws regarding privacy and confidentiality regulate EMPAC.

If a person is an imminent threat to self or others, the authorities must be notified. Beyond that, utilization of our services is confidential.

Who pays for EMPAC?

The employer pays for employee assistance services for the employees and their household members. There is absolutely no cost to the employee or household member when they utilize the services of EMPAC. For employers, Request a quote.

If EMPAC refers you outside their agency after utilizing the EAP benefit, there is no cost for the referral. There may be a cost associated with the referred provider's office. Often, health insurance will pay for a significant portion of the charges that may be incurred. EMPAC will assist you in finding an excellent preferred provider.

What are the credentials of your staff?

All counselors are licensed, certified and are graduate-level clinicians.

How do I contact EMPAC?

Call (316) 265-9922 or (800) 234-0630. Email empac@empac-eap.com. EMPAC is located in downtown Wichita at 300 W. Douglas, Suite 930 in the R.H. Garvey Building.

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