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Our dedicated team of professionals is known for its talent and experience and is well-equipped to help members deal with a variety of issues. They respond appropriately to a clientele of all ages, races, educational backgrounds and income levels and focus on treating everybody with the utmost courtesy, dignity and respect.

Heath Bechler

Heath W. Bechler, CEO

Mr. Bechler has been a leader in the mental health and business fields for nearly 20 years, primarily in the Wichita, Kansas area.

As a graduate of Kansas State University as well as Friends and Tabor, his education has helped him become well suited for the ever changing clinical and business landscape. His experience as a business owner and entrepreneur has also helped refine his understanding of workplace dynamics and the ways to effect change in organizations.

"With regards to an employee assistance program, I was initially a skeptic. It was only after several people came to me and said, 'you helped save my family,’ or 'you helped me out of depression' as a result of simply agreeing to try it out, that I saw its profound impact.”

After selling his company of ten years, King's Treatment Center, in 2012, Mr. Bechler went on to assist other businesses through consulting services and acted as COO at a non-profit, Carpenter Place, while they were conducting a CEO search.

"It was remarkable to me how Carpenter Place made themselves a resource to so many families in need. EMPAC was founded on those same principles— to be a resource for ALL companies throughout Wichita, regardless of their participation in the consortium. We are continuing to renew that spirit here at EMPAC today.”

Mr. Bechler specializes in company assessment, evaluation, strategic planning, training and team facilitation. For more information, feel free to email him at heath@empac-eap.com.

Janet Cox

Janet Cox, LCMFT, LCAC, SAP, Consortium Relations Manager, EAP Counselor

Janet Cox has a Masters from Friends University and serves as a senior counselor and the Consortium Relations Manager for EMPAC, where she has worked for over 25 years. Her new role as Consortium Relations Manager allows her to have direct communications with companies. Prior to working with EMPAC, her professional career included working on addictions counseling with adolescents and adult, both inpatient and outpatient.

Janet is a systems therapist, meaning her theory base focuses on how interactions with others, family and even work groups, affect and change us. Her specialties include addiction, couples and family communications, blended families, conflicts in relationships and trauma. She is trained in EMDR and psychodrama.

Janet’s passion for her work stems from seeing someone unhappy, and finding a way to change that and help them make improvements in their life. She considers it a privilege to talk with people, hear their stories, and find a way to aid them in their journey to wellness. She likes seeing people in the context of the systems of where they live and work.

Corey Reed

Corey Reed, LMFT, Consortium Relations Manager & EAP Counselor

Corey completed his undergraduate degree from Kansas State in Advertising/Marketing in December of 1997. He worked a variety of jobs in media buying, customer service, retention and sales before he decided to find a more rewarding career. After 12 years in the advertising and media field, he decided to use his life experience and interest in psychology to help others. Corey received his Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) degree from Friends University in June 2011.

During his graduate internship, Corey began working as Affiliate Coordinator on a part-time basis. After completing his graduate internship at EMPAC, he added to his existing part-time shift by becoming a counselor and full-time EMPAC employee. He currently also coordinates referrals for outer market employees and provides counseling, training and company engagement efforts for the agency.

He is most interested in working with kids/adolescents, anxiety, depression, grief and life skill building. He also leads and represents EMPAC on critical incident stress debriefing (CISD) sessions for partnering companies all around the Wichita area.

Amy Schreffler

Amy Schreffler, LCMFT, LAC, SAP, EAP Counselor

Amy Schreffler serves as a counselor at EMPAC, Inc., where she specializes in substance abuse disorders, marital and relationship counseling, depression and anxiety issues. Amy has spent the majority of her career as a counselor working at a variety of family counseling centers as well as drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs, seeing both inpatient and outpatient clients. Prior to her counseling career, Amy worked as a legislative assistant for U.S. Congressman Charles Wilson of Texas in Washington, D.C. as well as serving as Director of Development and Director of the Business Coalition for the Colorado Democratic Party. Amy received her BA in Political Science at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, TX and her Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy at Friends University. She is a Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist and a Licensed Addictions Counselor.

Amy’s belief about her work can be summarized with the word ‘service’. Her job, and her passion, is to serve those who come to her, to help them heal, to walk alongside them in their journey, and to believe in their wholeness and their wellness.

Blake Buhrman

Blake Buhrman, LMFT, EAP Counselor

Blake Buhrman is an EAP counselor at EMPAC, where he handles marriage and family issues, among others. He graduated from Friends University with a Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy. He enjoys his work at EMPAC because he gets to encounter a wide variety of individuals, couples and families, and he loves to facilitate group training. He enjoys the opportunity to meet new people and assist them in reaching their goals. For him, coming to work every day is a gift, because he gets to watch courageous people address life challenges, and he can meet them right where they are.

Dabria VanGieson

Dabria VanGieson, LCMFT, RPT, EAP Counselor

Dabria VanGieson is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She received her master’s degree at Friends University in 2012. Dabria is also a Registered Play Therapist and enjoys working with children and their families. She often uses an experiential approach to therapy and incorporates hands on activities to help clients fully process their struggles.

Dabria is client focused and believes that all people can achieve healthy, successful lives. Her goal is to help navigate the often bumpy path that leads to better days. She enjoys helping clients overcome a variety of issues, but especially grief, anxiety and blended family issues. Her goal is to come to work every day and help people find peace, health, or just to live a better, well-rounded life overall, and to show clients that our pasts don’t define our future.

Rita Buffington

Rita Buffington, LCMFT, EAP Counselor

Rita Buffington joined the EMPAC team as an EAP counselor in January 2012, although she began working at EMPAC in an interim capacity in May 2011. Rita received an M.S. degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Friends University in 2010. She earned her B.A. in English from Texas State University.

Rita is a member of AAMFT (American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists), and she primarily enjoys working with adults and couples, helping them with issues such as depression, grief, life stage transitions, and marriage and relationship issues. She likes working with individuals interested in developing mindfulness, greater self-awareness and emotional regulation, and with couples who want to enhance their relationships by expanding their collaborative communication skills. Positive psychology and strengths-based focus are favorite elements she incorporates in her work to help clients attain their goals.

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