Much like empac, the Greater Wichita YMCA is focused on wellness — people’s spirits, minds, and bodies. That synergy is why our experts are a great fit for the YMCA. 

Greater Wichita YMCABrandy Weber serves as the Associate Vice President of Human Resources at the Greater Wichita YMCA. Empac’s licensed and certified experts are helping YMCA employees thrive, just as their employees help their members thrive. 

Empac helps “us serve the spirit and the mind,” Brandy says.

Empac is a service we use with our employees and our families. Any time we have an employee struggling in any way, we can offer empac as a free, confidential service any time they need it.

What I value most with empac is that they are local. They are here in Wichita, in our community, so that our employees can see them and have access. Since they are here locally, they understand the pressures our community is going through,” she says.

Some other employee assistance programs are available only by phone or email. The Greater Wichita YMCA values having an employee assistance program where their employees can sit face-to-face with someone who understands Wichita.

It’s much more personal, Brandy says, and it’s made a difference on both the individual and group level – helping the YMCA build better teams.

“Individually, we’ve had employees who have really struggled and were on the verge of getting terminated. We were for them and with them,” says Brandy.

“And we were able to save those employees. They’re still with us.”