Bryan Herwig says EMPAC EAP helps fight the turnover tsunami and retain talent.Getting your employees the resources they need to be healthy and thrive is more critical now than ever.

“We’re living in what they call a ‘turnover tsunami,’ and talent is one of our most precious resources,” says Bryan Herwig.

In his role as Director of Organizational Development at Vortex Global, Bryan says partnering with empac has been transformational.

It’s been a true blessing to have the resource available to not only the employees but also the company leaders, Bryan says. 

“In my role, I’m responsible for improving productivity and developing people and the culture at Vortex,” he says, “When I think of empac one of the first words that comes to mind is ‘awesomeness.’”

Our confidential employee assistance program offers coaching, counseling, training, and other resources for clients such as Vortex. Our experts are licensed and certified to provide a personalized approach to treatment that is short-term and solution-focused. We also offer an after-hours support line to employees at Vortex and other empac partners.

Bryan says it is this high level of expertise that has impacted his company’s culture in a number of ways.

“One of our core values is empathy,” he says. “Empac has influenced our culture to be more empathetic to others. They’ve helped bring that to life for us.”

Having empac as a partner has also helped with training.

“You can provide the same presentation, but from someone else it may spark something or stick with someone in a way that doesn’t if we do it.”

Partnering with empac has made a direct impact on employee retention at Vortex as well. 

“We have had several situations that, whether it’s on the employee’s own choice, voluntarily electing to seek services, or referral cases, have turned out to be success stories. Without that resources being available and providing those services, that talent would not likely be with us today,” he says.

”With the amount of change and continual life challenges thrown people’s way, now more than ever it’s important to have something like empac for your people.”

Are you ready to resource your most precious resource? Start creating healthy people and thriving organizations today.