Stressed out employee
The Great Resignation is continuing with no real sign of letting up. While many point to the COIVD-19 pandemic as the cause of the Great Resignation, there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that this has been brewing long before the pandemic began. In 2017, former staff writer Bourree Lam wrote in the Atlantic that more and more Americans believe that hard work did not, in fact, actually pay off.
That’s not just a trend in America, though. The 2020 Edelman Trust Barometer shows people worldwide are starting to believe that hard work will no longer pay off for them. The latest data from Gallup shows that employees are also less engaged now compared to previous years. Empac CEO Stacey Winter knows first-hand that while we may think our employees are engaged, and we are providing them with the means to grow and be successful, that may not be the case.
“Honestly, most days, I believe I do a good job in this area of leadership. Yet, in our most recent Employee Engagement Survey, I learned that our employees didn’t see it that way. It was hard to hear, but I am so grateful people were courageous enough to share their true feelings.”
 In an article for Fast Company, Debbie Cohen and Kate Roeske-Zummer write that declining mental wellbeing is affecting not just those who are quitting but those who haven’t expressed a desire to leave their jobs. While burnout is higher among those leaving, about 40% of those staying say they are still experiencing burnout. Winter says the article’s findings are a reminder of how important it is to slow down and listen, to show you care, and that you’re committed to creating a work environment where employees feel safe and love their work.
“It sounds so easy, but as I struggle with all that comes in my own life home life and work life, I get rushed and into the place of telling versus asking. Two books that have really helped me with this are the “Advice Trap” and “The Coaching Habit: Say, Less, Ask More and Change the Way You Lead Forever,” both by Michael Bungay Stanier. I admit there were some big ‘Aha’ moments but also some ‘Ouch’ moments, especially when I realized how strong my ‘Advice Monster’ is.” says Winter
Cohen and Roeske-Zummer conclude that employee retention comes down to honest listening and being open to all of their feedback.
Empac can provide your organization with the tools to have an open dialog with your workforce and receive the honest feedback your leadership needs. Counseling with empac’s licensed and certified counselors can help improve your employee’s overall wellbeing and intervene before burnout prompts them to look for the exit. Leaders may want to consider coaching sessions to gain clarity in how to assess employee engagement and how to approach their employees
Our services can help your organization build and foster a culture of trust and empathy that will have a positive effect that will extend to your clients and customers.